What is Dark Follies?

Dark Follies is an award winning vaudeville style variety show based in Portland, Maine.  Family friendly while still keeping an edge, Dark Follies  features the live music of the Dark Follies Rhythm Orchestra, dancing, juggling, side show acts, fire performers and more.

Born of a love of street theater, vaudeville and a desire to create a space to showcase the performance talent present in Portland’s goth community, Dark Follies began bringing its special brand of street Vaudeville to life in the dark hours of Portland’s summer First Friday Art Walk nights in the Autumn of 2008.

2011, 2012 and 2014 Dark Follies has won the Portland Phoenix Best of Portland Award for best street/ performance artist.  Now entering it’s ninth year, Dark Follies will continue to surprise, entertain and delight audiences in the street and on the stage in 2017 and beyond.

Is Dark Follies suitable for children?

Absolutely!  While we do on occasion create shows meant for a more PG-13 crowd, Dark Follies is generally a family friendly show.  In fact we are one of the few live family friendly events in New England that the entire family can enjoy.  Kids love to watch the juggling, dancing, singing and fire spinning, but the best part is that the adults enjoy the show just as much as kids do.

While our shows are certainly appropriate for young audiences, we do ask that your child be of an age where they are able to sit through a two hour stage show if attending one our theater shows.  However, many of our shows, such as our street performances, are 40 minutes or less, something children of any age can enjoy.  Finally, one of the reasons we try to keep our ticket costs low for stage shows is because we know how expensive taking the entire family out for a night of fun can cost.

So bring your kids, bring your mom, bring your boyfriend, bring along grandpa too because there is something for everyone in Dark Follies!!

Dark Follies: Vaudeville Never Died – April 2011 – photo by Nate Hall

“Having seen Dark Follies perform in Monument Square, I was aware of the talent and skill the troupe contains. Watching them perform at Lucid Stage, however, gave me an increased respect for these performers. The show was centered around the theme of Vaudeville and contained a variety of acts (dance, comedy, juggling, and song). Every performance was unique, creative, and impressive in its own right. The show guided the audience through a range of emotion not possible when they are passing through Monument Square. I recommend keeping an eye on the Dark Follies because they have so much entertainment to offer, whether in the streets or on the stage. ”   — Cera C.

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