Vaudeville Vignettes: Working Through the Winter

Photo by Dreamcatcher Photography ME

Vaudeville Vignettes: Working Through the Winter
by Madame Sinclair

Through the magic of winter, i.e., stuck inside because of a blizzard, we’ve been busy working on new material for our upcoming performances. Some members of Dark Follies also made time to work on a variety of interesting side projects during these frigid winter months. Let’s take a peek behind the veil and see what some of the Follies have been up to.

Nikki Starcat Shields is three-quarters of the way through writing an urban fantasy/mystery novel called “Patterns in the Void.” It’s about what happens when members of a performance troupe begin to go missing…

Solange traveled the world in 80 days!! She got hung up for about 40 days in Spain. It’s a long story…..

Stephen Carpenter spent the winter doing facial hair intensive workshops. With daily practice, his facial hair is now able to play the Dumbek by itself allowing Stephen to play a second instrument at the same time.

Miss Polly‘s cousin Bunny the Stage Mime made a couple appearances with Vivid Motion’s Burlesque shows.

Scavenger may or may not have sailed aboard a dirigible into the jungles of the hollow earth. He is currently looking for sausage recipes and eyeing his meat grinder lovingly.

Madame Sinclair traveled great distances in her time machine/Prius this winter to meet up with the wild kittens of the Midwest.

Mistress Selcouth spent her winter in a far away arctic artist’s retreat writing new acts for the show, learning to shiver in rhythm and contemplating the sound of one zil ringing.

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