Theatrical Belly Dance with Selcouth of Dark Follies

Theatrical Belly Dance with Selcouth (Joie) of Dark Follies

photo by Sanguine Designs

When: Thursdays – January 10th – February 14th

Time:  7:15 PM

Cost:  Full session $60.00 or $15 drop-in

Prerequisite:  This class is open to all dancers who have taken at least one session of belly dance classes.

Theatrical belly dance blends the emotion, drama and storytelling of the theater with the beautifully passionate and expressive art of belly dance. By connecting emotion to movement through a blend of dance drills, improvisational theater exercises and centering techniques dancers can discover their unique creative voice and learn to use that voice to bring out the dramatic in their dance.  Whether or not you intend to perform on the stage theatrical belly dance can help you connect more deeply with yourself, your body and the dance.  During these six weeks we will:

  • Learn to use common belly dance moves to convey a wide array of emotions (who knew hip drops could be sad, silly or angry?)
  • Explore how to create stage presence and connect with your audience
  • Discover and connect with what motivates you to dance
  • Create and share stories through dance and movement
  • Laugh, dance and have fun!

Whether you want to create a stage persona to slip on before a show, tell a story you hear in piece of music or add just a bit of dramatic flair to your performance this class is for you!

Preregistration is encouraged.  Registration may be done via the Paypal button below.


Joie/Selcouth is a writer, dancer and performance artist who lives in Portland, Maine.  She is the founder and director of Dark Follies a gothic-vaudeville inspired variety show troupe.    A lifelong dancer she entered the world of belly dance through the side door of raqs gothique (gothic belly dance) after falling in love with its dramatic story telling nature.  Since then she has also studied cabaret and Turkish styles of the dance which only made her fall more deeply in love with the art form.   She finds her inspiration in stories from mythology and folklore, as well as personal transformation.  While she can be very dramatic in her performances she often brings a sense of humor to the stage.    She performs around New England with Dark Follies and as a solo artist.

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