Out of the Shadows: Cait Capaldi

Cait Capaldi - "Vaudeville Never Died" photo by Nate Hall

Cait Capaldi joined Dark Follies as a dancer in the summer of 2009.  As she tells in her tale below her Dark Follies debut came about due to an unexpected vacancy in the Dark Follies line up.  As often happens with the Follies, a difficulty turned itself into inspiration and opportunity.  Since then she has danced her way into all of our hearts and likely yours too.

1.      What do you do and how did you come to do it?

I’m a dancer who expresses herself through belly dance, and more recently, flamenco. I began dancing three and a half years ago, after I was gifted with a class located right outside of Boston. I really feel that my in-depth background as a jazz musician deeply influenced my passion for dance.  I also make a pretty killer vegan german-chocolate cake, and that my friends, comes from magic.

2.      Where do you find inspiration?
I find much inspiration through both nature and the emotional fire that burns within my belly (no, not acid indigestion, silly rabbit). My mentors and teachers are also a major inspiration to me, and to them I owe a world of gratitude.
3.      How did you become a part of Dark Follies?

I’m actually the only Dark Follies member who joined without having a say in the decision! The store goes as follows; my first summer back in Portland, ME, and I had only been dancing a short while. I happened to be busking in-town with a friend, and had planned to walk up to the square in order to see my teacher dance with some group called the Dark Follies (crazy people!). Not having time to change, my friend high-tailed it home, and I ventured up the hill to watch the show. Upon arriving, I spot my teacher in her streets, holding a video camera. She had apparently injured her knee and was unable to dance with the group. Just then, a goliathly tall woman (everyone over 5’6 looks like a goliath to me..), a top-hat and a cane  walks over to where we are.  Vocal transactions proceed as follows;

Goliath Lady (that would be Joie): “Hey, you’re in costume! You wanna do it?”
Teacher: “YES.” ::boots Cait in the butt with the tripod towards the performance space::
Cait: “….?!”
Goliath Lady: “Great! You’re on first! Good luck.” ::walks away::
Cait: ::wets pants::

I literally didn’t have time to panic. This performance, was my first solo performance, ever. I remember NOTHING of the event! Only recently, did I share with the lovely Selcouth that it had been my solo debut. For all the future Follies members in the years to come, just know that your audition will never be as scary as mine! 🙂

4.      What is your favorite part of performing with Dark Follies?

I get to express my passion on stage, as well as collaborate with others. As I’ve grown as a dancer and performer, it’s become very clear how important it is for me not to censor myself and to let out whatever it is I’m feeling inside. I have a constant need in my heart to be an individual, and with that comes the need to change and follow passions. Follies has always supported every minor tweak, change and complete overhaul I’ve experienced in growing as a dancer and artist.

5.      When you leave this world for the great hereafter what do you hope to be remembered for?
Being my quirky self, and for moving others through dance.
6.      If you were left on a deserted island and you were allowed one book and one tool what would you choose to bring?
Do plays in book-form count? In that case..  ‘As you like it’ by William Shakespeare, and one of those bowl-mugs that are too small to be considered a bowl, and a tad too big to merely be just a mug. A.k.a, the ‘Safety Bowl’, providing stability and effortlessness through the soothing ability to enjoy anything out of a single, versatile apparatus.

7.  How can people find you…should you want to be found?

Well, apparently I’m going to be on a deserted island.. reading shakespeare and enjoying fresh sushi out of my lovely bowl-mug. Directions might get a little whoopty-doodle.. However, I do enjoy watching sailboats on the not-so-deserted Mackworth Island 🙂


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