Lady Selcouth, Mistress of the Dark Follies

photo by Sanguine Designs
photo by Sanguine Designs

Selcouth, founder and Mistress of the Dark Follies, is a writer, dancer and performance artist who lives in Portland, Maine. She brings to the Follies a love of top hats, a talent for balancing objects on her head and a flair for the dramatic.

A lifelong dancer she entered the world of belly dance through the side door of raqs gothique (gothic belly dance) after falling in love with its dramatic story telling nature. Since then she has also studied cabaret and Turkish styles of the dance which only made her fall more deeply in love with the art form. She finds her inspiration in stories from mythology and folklore, as well as personal transformation. While she can be very dramatic in her performances she often brings a sense of humor to the stage.

In Autumn 2008, inspired by her love of vaudeville, street theater and the myriad talents of her circle of friends she decided to create what was meant to be a one time street vaudeville show on a First Friday Art Walk in Portland, Maine. That night Dark Follies was born…

Selcouth performs around New England with Dark Follies and as a solo artist. She teaches Theatrical Belly Dance at Bright Star World Dance in Portland, Maine.

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