Kevin Reams

Photo by Joie Grandbois
Photo by Joie Grandbois

Kevin Reams performs meditative, introspective and relaxing music on various types of world flutes, including the Native American style flute, Irish low whistle, shakuhachi, and recorder. Kevin’s music draws from and is inspired by indigenous traditional music of various cultures and countries from around the globe, including the tribal beats of Native American and African cultures, the lilting dances and haunting aires of Irish and other Celtic countries, the sinuous melodies of the Middle East, the deceptively simple roots of early medieval and Renaissance music, to the poignant zen of Japanese gagaku.

Kevin is a native of Maine and was a music major at the University of Southern Maine. In 2009 he was awarded first place in the flute portals Native American style flute competition, judged by top players from around the country. When not playing with Dark Follies, Kevin can be found performing solo, or singing with the a capella vocal ensemble “Renaissance Voices”.

Kevin can also be found here:

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