June 27 & 28 – Dark Follies Presents: Vaudeville Plunder at PortFringe!


Dark Follies: Vaudeville Never Died - April 2011 -  photo by Nate Hall
photo by Nate Hall

What: Dark Follies Presents: Vaudeville Plunder at PortFringe! (two nights)

When: June 27th, 7:00 PM & June 28th, 6:00 PM

Where: Geno’s Rock Club, 625 Congress Street, Portland, ME

Cost: Tickets available here: http://www.portfringe.com/tickets.htm



A’hoy mateys, Dark Follies brings the life o’ the high seas to the stage in Vaudeville Plunder. Aye! Here be juggling sailors, serenading pirates, dancing sirens, well told tales of the pirate life and music that will get ye feet tapping on the decks. Join these Dark Follies Pirate Vaude-villians and the Dark Follies Not Just Rhythm Orchestra as they raise the Jolly Roger to fly above ship Vaudeville. Arrrrrrrrrr! Born of a love of street theater, vaudeville and a desire to create a space to showcase the performance talent present in Portland’s goth community, Dark Follies began bringing its special brand of street Vaudeville to life in the dark hours of Portland’s summer First Friday Art Walk nights in the Autumn of 2008. It has since evolved into award winning vaudeville style variety show based in Portland, Maine.


June 27th, 7PM June 28th, 6PM


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