Introduction to Theatrical Belly Dance (FREE!)

Since the announcement of the Theatrical Belly Dance Class taking place in January a few folks have asked, “Just what is this theatrical belly dance thing anyway?”  Here is your chance to find out with a FREE introductory class.

When: Thursday, December 13 – 7:15 – 8:15 PM

Where: Bright Star World Dance, 496 Congress Street, 4th Floor

Theatrical belly dance blends the emotion, drama and storytelling of the theater with the beautifully passionate and expressive art of belly dance. By connecting emotion to movement through a blend of dance drills, improvisational theater exercises and centering techniques dancers can discover their unique creative voice and learn to use that voice to bring out the dramatic in their dance.  Whether or not you intend to perform on the stage theatrical belly dance can help you connect more deeply with yourself, your body and the dance.

In this one hour introductory class we will cover:

  • Just what is theatrical belly dance and how can it benefit you and your dance?
  • A basic warm-up that will stretch our bodies and center our minds to bring our focus to the dance.
  • An emotion & movement drill – we will take a common belly dance move and use it to express a variety of emotions.
  • An exercise in creating stage presence

This class is open to any style or level of belly dance though at least one session of belly dance classes is preferred.  You will need comfortable clothing that will allow full range of movement, water and an open mind.   A yoga mat or towel may be useful for stretching but is not required.

Please email Selcouth/Joie for more information or to let her know you will be attending.


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