Halloween Program Ad Space

We are selling advertising space in our show program for our October 27th – 29th Halloween show at Lucid Stage.   In addition to the print ad, all program advertisers will recieve a listing on our website and those who purchase full page ads will also recieve a ticket to the show.  You will also have the gratitude of the Dark Follies performers for helping to bring a bit of Vaudeville back to the stage in Portland.

Our rates, listed below, are affordable and we do have a limited amount of full page color ad space available.

If you are interested in purchasing space in our program, please send an email to darkfollies@gmail.com.

Size and pricing:






Full Color (limited space)

7.5L x 5W

2250 x 1500


Full page

7.5L x 5W

2250 x 1500


1/2 page

3.75L x 5W

1125 x 1500


1/4 page

1.875L x 5W

563 x 1500


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