Feline Drummers

Feline Drummers
photo by Madame Sinclair

Brent BlackLion Nelson and Nikki Starcat Shields enjoy playing hand drums together, and we have appeared as Feline Drummers at various community events such as workshops, art fairs, and celebrations. We’re always learning new beats and styles, and love to take part in drum circles, fireside gatherings, and jams. As Feline Dreamers, we have some exciting and uplifting creations such as Starcat’s new book Starcat’s Corner: Essays on Pagan Living, a guided meditation CD Guided Meditations for Self-Care, and much more. To find out about our free e-zine, offerings, and wares, come to our website, www.felinedreamers.com. Blessings!

Brent and Nikki can also be found here:

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