Dark Follies & Kickstarter

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Since 2008 and Dark Follies has brought Vaudeville back to life with its street and stage shows.  This year we are working to bring yet another show to the stage for you:  Vaudeville on Vacation and we are asking for your help in doing that.

Producing these shows does cost money.  Lights, costumes, music, theater rental, props, batteries (yes…we use a lot of batteries), programs, advertising, rehearsal space, signs for Miss Polly and of course paying our performers and crew.  All of these things add to the cost of a show and while we could decide to charge $25.00 or more for a ticket to come see our show, it simply would not be in the spirit of what we want to do. ‘

We want to be able to continue to bring these shows to life and keep the cost of attending them something that nearly anyone can afford.
Please take a moment to visit our Kickstarter page, read a bit about what we do and watch the video.  If you like what you see we ask that you contribute an amount you feel comfortable with.  We have a variety of reward levels for contributions.
Thank you for your continued support.

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