Dan Neuville

Dan Neuville
courtesy of Portland Players Theater

Monsieur Moustache
courtesy of “Ze Moustache Phone”

Dan joined Dark Follies in spring 2012 and quickly found a home among the misfits and silly-hearts of the troupe. He has been a fan, friend, and supporter of Dark Follies over the years and fell in love with the group immediately. He knew he just had to be a part of this exciting and dynamic ensemble. He has already created the notorious persona of “Monsieur Moustache” and looks forward to creating more acts and characters in the future. He joined the Dark Follies band on keyboard in 2013 and is excited to lend his skills to the polished sound of these talented musicians. Dan has been performing in the local community theater scene for the past 17 years. Some previous performances include Rent, Titanic, Rocky Horror, and several others. He hopes you enjoy and continue to follow our performances!!

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