2014 Dark Follies Musician Auditions!

Photo by Joie Grandbois
Photo by Joie Grandbois

Over the past five years Dark Follies has grown from being a monthly summertime 30-45 minute street performance to a 15-20 member troupe comprised of singers, comedians, dancers, jugglers, flow artists and musicians. The troupe has produced multiple successful stage productions in Portland and taken the show on the road around New England. This evolution has been possible because of the amazing people who make up the Dark Follies troupe.

In 2014, Dark Follies is seeking to add a new musician to our band. We are looking for individuals who are not only talented in what they do but who are also willing to push the boundaries of their performance, to collaborate with other troupe members on new show creations and who want to have a great time doing it.

You must be 18 years of age or older to audition and be prepared to make a one-year commitment to the troupe.

Musician Requirements:

We are seeking a musician who plays a melodic instrument with preference given to those who play accordion, bass, cello, guitar or low brass.

Musicians must be willing to participate in all aspects of the show; a flair for the dramatic is an asset!

You must be able to attend weekly Dark Follies rehearsals which are held on Sundays as well as additional rehearsals that may be scheduled for upcoming events and shows.

Dark Follies generally has a minimum of one show booked per month though this is often more during the summer season. While all musicians are not required to attend every show you should be able to keep those you commit to taking part in.

The music used in Dark Follies performances spans a wide range including Middle Eastern, Balkan, klezmer, Roma, vaudeville and more. While we don’t require that new musicians have experience with these genres of music, we do ask that you bring a willingness to learn them.

You must be able to read music.

The Dark Follies (not just) Rhythm Orchestra operates under the guidance of Stephen Carpenter but just like the rest of the troupe, it is a collaborative effort. Our band members contribute not only musical ideas but often have suggestions, and take part in other Dark Follies acts. We seek individuals willing to step a bit outside the box.

Musician Auditions:

Please fill out the Musician Audition Form (you may request one by email from: darkfollies@gmail.com ) and return it by email within two weeks of receipt.

The musician auditions has three parts:

1. Upon approval of your application you will be emailed the sheet music for one of our regularly played songs. Arrive prepared to play that song on your particular instrument.

2. A prepared three-minute piece of your choice that showcases your particular instrument and talent. You may play solo or bring accompanying music. If you bring music please bring it on CD or an MP3 player.

3. Group interview with troupe members.

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